The Tip of the Iceberg

Sad and pathetic Man, well done for outing him

Roswell Ivory

All screenshots have been posted with permission from the women involved.

I told myself if I took my modelling blog out of retirement, I’d have to have a very good reason. Well, here I am. It’s a long one and the abridged version is this:

Charles Pugh aka Vegan Viking is sending dick pics, harassing and abusing women online- and still getting work as a model. As they say in the hashtags, “time’s up.”

EDITED TO ADD: I have been told he is publically claiming that his depression is responsible for the catalogue of behaviour listed below. What an incredible insult to people who fight depression every day without sending pictures of their penis to strangers.

EDIT 2: Those screenshots keep rolling in. If you have had problems with this man, please out him YOURSELF as well. ❤

I recently had this conversation on Instagram with Charles Pugh, aka Vegan…

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