Oh so me and Alan! What a love affair! I have spent the last couple of days touring around Dorset taking photos of everything! Alan even helped me with my own photography. I felt so welcomed and so looked after!

I would highly recommend Alan to anyone. He takes fantastic images, has a great attitude and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. I would ever so happily work with him again and hopefully I’ll get the chance to!

Tamara – Plymouth

I had my first shoot with Alan today and where do I start!  I loved it.  Alan made me feel so welcome and comfortable,  loads of laughter before and after our shoot, such a pleasure to work with.  We knew exactly what shots we wanted and had some fun shooting them.

Anna – Bournemouth

I had a shoot with Alan yesterday. Alan’s pre shoot communication were great! He replied to my messages quite quickly. We both shared our ideas to one another and came up with concept together. He also provided the costume (beautiful dress!) and some props for the photo-shoot which I thought was great!

Alan is a great photographer and knows exactly what he is doing. He has all the gear and knows how to use it. He had two cameras at hand for different shots. Also gave some direction to how he wanted the shot to look which was helpful.

He made me feel comfortable and was a great chat and had some awesome stories to tell, man of many adventures I tell yah! There was never an awkward silence.

I do recommended Alan, you’d have a fun shot together and you will end up with some beautiful images I promise!

Samantha – Wincanton


Alan and I chatted quite a bit over the idea and concept of the shoot and where able to pull it off PERFECTLY!

I can’t say enough good things about Alan! We hit it off right away! He made me feel comfortable and at ease the entire shoot and we had a good old laugh along the way! Alan even brought cake!

I would 100% recommend Alan

Dizzy – Swindon

I had a studio day today with Alan and we all had a great day. Not only did we get some really great images but we also had a right laugh doing it.    Alan even brought a picnic lunch for us all, which I thought was really kind of him. He’s patient, funny, and easy to get on with. He also has one of the best tastes in music EVER!

He let me have a great deal of freedom over the type of poses that I did and the look that I wanted to create. I honestly really enjoyed the whole day.  I’m looking forward to working with him again..

I would definitely recommend Alan to anyone.

Thank you so much! x

Laura – Swindon

It has taken a couple of days to come down after this shoot. Sometimes you meet someone and just hit it off and this is one of those moments. Alan is absolutely amazing!

A complete gentleman, he provided transport to and from both locations which provided a changing area, seating and hot coffee! offered biscuits and was considerate of my comfort and well being throughout while still allowing me to climb walls, trees and get into the river to get the shots!

We shot on location and then I had the opportunity to sit and talk through the shoot and go through each photo. Some were so breath-taking straight out of the camera it made me cry!

I cannot thank Alan enough and I cant wait to work together again soon. It feels like the beginning of a great friendship and an amazing working relationship. the future is exciting.

Lizzy – Dorchester

I just finished a maternity shoot with Alan and it was perfect! Alan’s preshoot communications were all you could expect. Alan has a very nice chatty personality which helped to get relaxed and ready to shoot. Alan was very good at talking about what we both wanted from the shoot, very good direction and tips, which helped a lot.

I am very keen to work with Alan again and have no hesitation in recommending him.

Abby – Bournemouth

Well what can I say?

I had my first shoot with Alan today at his home studio. He was very welcoming and we got chatting straight away about the exact style of images he wanted to capture for our shoot.

We had lots of fun and came up with lots of imaginative posing ideas and he had a great selection of props for the shoot.

In all I had a great time doing the shoot and was completely amazed by the finished photos which he showed me straight after the shoot.

He has a brilliant flair and amazing skill for photography and definitely doesn’t big himself up enough.

The photos are out of this world and I am more than excited about working with this amazing man again soon. He is very professional and knows exactly what positions and poses are best for the model. He is great with directing and always makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

Alan I am counting down the days until our next adventure. xx

All you girls and guys won’t find anyone better for artistic flair.

Jenna – Bournemouth